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Top Rutgers Athletics Official Accused of Discrimination and Bullying

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A Rutgers University athletic official is facing backlash due to two complaints citing discrimination and bullying. Those close to the official claimed that he created an abusive environment at work. There were also reports of racial discrimination. According to six witnesses, the athletic official had former complaints regarding his abusive behavior toward staff. In fact, a close source stated that any individual who worked under the athletic official complained to Human Resources about his inappropriate conduct with his staff.

The Rutgers University Senior Vice President claimed that the complaints had no merit. Ultimately, his statement led many to believe that Rutgers University allowed the athletic official’s behavior to go unchecked. This is not the first time that Rutgers University heard complaints about the athletic official. In fact, the school conducted an investigation into his abusive behavior, but found no evidence that he violated any policies. Despite not finding any violations, Rutgers spent over $15,000 on a consultation between the athletic official and his staff.

Discrimination in the Workplace

When an individual is discriminatory, it can affect the victim’s mental and physical health. Discrimination can take many forms. While it is easy to identify certain types of discrimination, other forms are more subtle and can be hard to prove. Different forms of discrimination can include one’s:

  • Sex: Making offensive remarks or inappropriate gestures toward one’s gender or gender identity
  • Religion: Making offensive remarks about one’s religion or religious attire
  • Age: Demoting or laying off older workers in favor of younger, less experienced workers
  • Race: Offensive remarks based on one’s skin color

Those who face discrimination should immediately contact an employment lawyer. Discrimination of any kind is illegal and those who experience this type of abuse are protected under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD). Employees who have been a target of discrimination and wish to file a legal complaint should file under the under the NJLAD as soon as possible. Victims have to file their complaint within 180 days of the incident with the Division on Civil Rights. That gives them roughly six months to gather information and file the claim.

Individuals will need to provide their name, address, telephone number and the same credentials for their employer. Additional information, such as the number of employees, may be necessary. A clear recount of the incident followed by dates of the violations and documentation, such as emails, will benefit the victim’s complaint. If possible, victims should provide the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses who can attest to the allegations.

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