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Can Phone Apps End Sexual Harassment?

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When an individual is harassed in a sexual manner at work, it is often difficult to file a formal complaint against their abuser. The difficulties of filing a report often stem from the culture of sexual harassment in the workplace; many victims are not taken seriously, while others face retaliation from their employers. This culture allows sexual harassment to continue, leading to repeated abuse.

However, there is hope for those facing sexual harassment at work and it begins with a cellphone application. The app is called #NotMe, which alludes to the #MeToo movement; a movement that began with outing high-profile sexual abusers in Hollywood. The #NotMe app allows individuals to anonymously report sexual harassment in the workplace. Organizations that have adopted the application are seeing an influx of sexual harassment reports, indicating that anonymity helps fix the dangerous sexual harassment culture in most job fields.

Why Victims Do Not Report Sexual Harassment

Victims tend to avoid filing a report for sexual harassment due to fear, including the fear of being ridiculed, the fear of losing respect, and the fear of employer retaliation. These factors often influence a victim to avoid making a report. In fact, a study found that only six percent of sexual harassment victims choose to take formal action against their abuser by reporting the harassment. Even less victims file formal charges. The lack of reports often allows an individual to repeatedly harass others, leading to more victims. This is part of the dismal culture regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

How #NotMe Can Help

The #NotMe app is helping sexual harassment victims find their voice. Since it is an anonymous platform, it helps victims tackle their fears of retaliation and helps them file a report. Ultimately, this helps to stop a sexual abuser after their first sexual harassment incident instead of waiting for more victims to come forward. The phone app also allows the organization to offer help to the victim and ask follow-up questions, making it accessible and easy. Another feature, called GoTogether, only allows a report to go through if another victim made a similar report about a person.

The app also gives victims referrals within 48 hours after the incident, regardless if their organization is partnered with the app or not. It also helps victims keep a record of any harassment that occurred, which can be used as evidence if necessary. Many believe that the #NotMe application is a tool that all organizations should use to protect their employees.

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