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Special Needs Worker Fired After Enduring Additional Tasks

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Cherry Hill employment lawyers represent wrongfully terminated special needs clients.A Sparta, New Jersey woman with down syndrome was fired from her local Panera Bread after being given tasks that were beyond her job description, according to the former employee’s mother. The 28-year-old victim was employed at Panera Bread for 2.5 years, and the company was aware that she needed work accommodations. A job coach helped the employee fill out the job application and interview for the position.

The former employee normally worked Tuesdays and Wednesdays for two hours. She was able to manage her daily tasks of sweeping up the dining room and wiping off the tables, but was given additional tasks by a new manager that were too much for her to handle. Her additional tasks included making coffee, making sure the coffee station was fully stocked, and bringing dishes to the back to be washed.

The victim was called into a meeting with her manager and a job coach in the middle of her shift where she was terminated. The manager stated the reason for her termination was due to her difficulty in managing the additional tasks assigned. According to the victim’s mother, after being terminated, she went back toward the dining room and broke down into tears.

Former Employee was Only Working One Day a Week

After having to take a class at a community college, the former employee was only working one day a week at Panera Bread for only two hours. The victim’s mother stated that management was not willing to give her daughter another day to work. She also stated that because the victim only worked one day a week for two hours, the circumstances surrounding her termination was absurd.

After the victim’s mother shared the story on Facebook, it spread quickly with people commenting about the victim’s dedication and complimenting her hard work. One commenter stated that she used to see the former employee walking to work. Friends of the family also reached out with job offers. Panera Bread issued a statement saying that they were conducting a full investigation into the incident and would review their policies and procedures to make sure all employees are treated fairly.

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