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What are Common Types of Employment Discrimination?

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Cherry Hill employment lawyers hold employers accountable for discriminatory behaviors.People talk at length about being discriminated against on the job. However, many articles and news reports never describe exactly what constitutes discrimination, or what it really means to a worker. To shed light on the topic, frequent types of employment discrimination are described below. These types of discrimination can easily become seeds of employment lawsuits against offender companies. In fact, many employees whose employment lawyers have proven discrimination in court have recovered significant damages as restitution for lost wages, not to mention mental stress.


Stories of race discrimination hit the news on a regular basis. Many cases of racial discrimination revolve on discriminatory actions against people of color and anyone of any racial background can become victim. Like all discrimination, racial discrimination involves making professional or corporate decisions simply because of the race of the employee or interviewee. For instance, a job posting candidate might be turned down solely because they have a different skin color than everyone else on the team or be overlooked for promotions despite being better qualified than others.


Gender discrimination involves treating workers or interviewees differently solely due to their gender and assumptions about it. A good example is a woman who is not given a managerial position because she is obviously pregnant. Transgender and LGBTQ rights can also fall under the category of gender discrimination depending upon the situation.


Employees who shine the light on unethical or illegal corporate behavior are often seen as public heroes. Yet, they may suffer private retaliation from angry coworkers. Even though retaliation against whistleblowers is against the law, it can occur. Other types of retaliation can involve someone who files a complaint with human resources. In this situation, the person stops receiving choice projects, may be treated differently than their peers, and may even experience outright mental or physical hostility.


Ageism is a specific type of employment discrimination based solely on decisions related to one’s age. Those who are deemed too old or young to be considered for jobs have the right to file a claim. No potential employer can turn away a candidate or fire a worker based on age alone.

Cherry Hill Employment Lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C. Hold Employers Accountable for Discriminatory Behaviors

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