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Labor Department Alleges South Jersey Diner Violated Wage Laws

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Labor Department Alleges South Jersey Diner Violated Wage Laws

The New Jersey Labor Department alleges that a South Jersey Diner violated wage laws. On Wednesday, a civil suit was filed in federal court in Camden, New Jersey claiming that the diner failed to pay direct wages to some servers and other employees. They allegedly only received tips and failed to receive overtime pay even when the employees’ work weeks exceeded 40 hours. The diner previously violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) for similar complaints, but this new claim began in November 2016.

Companies that fail to pay their employees a fair wage violate the Fair Labor Standards Act, which ensures that workers receive the pay to which they are entitled. Some employers may misclassify a worker as exempt so that they can avoid paying the staff member minimum wage or overtime pay. In the suit against the diner, they allegedly failed to pay some employees their actual wages in addition to overtime pay.

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