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Push for Change in State Government’s Response Efforts

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South Jersey sexual harassment lawyers advocate for change in response efforts.A New Jersey state employee has tried for a year to no avail to get government authorities to act against a man, who now works in the state Governor’s administration, she alleges sexually assaulted her. Speaking with The Wall Street Journal, the woman shared that she wants to see a change in how such allegations are handled by the state. The woman, who serves as chief of staff at the state housing and mortgage agency, explained that she tried everything to seek justice, but was left disappointed.

The Alleged Assault

In April 2017, after a night at a bar with NJ Governor Phil Murphy’s campaign staffers, the woman claims that a man sexually assaulted her. The man, who until recently served as the chief of staff at the state Schools Development Authority, gave her a ride home, and asked to use her bathroom and for a drink of water before pushing her onto the couch and forcing himself on her.

Despite the man’s contention that it was entirely consensual, the woman told him to stop and was able to kick him off her long enough to run to the bathroom and lock herself inside. She also claims that she called her husband, who was away at the time, as well as her best friend, who defends this claim.

Reporting to the Police

The following day, she took herself to the police station, as well as the Jersey City Medical Center ER department, and was evaluated for sexual assault. Though she explains that she checked in periodically with the prosecutor’s office and emailed the Governor and first lady to discuss a sensitive matter, nothing transpired. The County Prosecutor declined to pursue any charges.

Governor’s Administration is Questioned About Hiring Practices

The alleged criminal was apparently cleared via a background check to work for the governor. Though the governor and first lady believe that the allegation was handled appropriately, they also say that they welcome the state civil service to review how allegations of this nature are handled.

The accused resigned from state government in early October, which led Republicans to inquire into the administration’s hiring practices. The governor’s Communications Director has said that the governor remained unaware of the allegations until the accused quit.

Accuser Believes in New Response

The alleged victim has said that she believes that the governor and the attorney general should work together to eliminate the statute of limitations on civil suits surrounding sexual assault and should pursue the creation of legislation that would ensure sexual assault first responders are better trained. However, the law would have to pass a bill that would first eliminate the statute of limitations in such cases.

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