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Ways to Counter Age Discrimination

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New Jersey age discrimination lawyers advocate for ways to counter age discrimination.The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) is one of the primary statues enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The Act prohibits employment discrimination for workers aged 40 and older and requires employers to consider individual capabilities when making employment decisions, rather than focus on an individual’s age.

June recently marked the 50th anniversary of the ADEA. Befittingly, the EEOC released a recent report that revealed even 50 years after the ADEA, age discrimination is still common and accepted. Like harassment, people witness age discrimination daily, yet few speak up. In fact, statistics reveal that only three percent of those who have experienced age discrimination report it to their employer or government agency.

While most people do not report age discrimination for various reasons, many may be unaware that they are being discriminated against for their age. Certain factors include:

  • The company opts for younger workers.
  • Unpleasant remarks are said about your age.
  • The company gives a job position to a less-equipped younger worker, even though you have the credentials and are well-equipped for the position.
  • The company expresses that they are looking for fresh-faced workers during the interview process.

ADEA Becomes More Significant

The report also acknowledges growth in the older workforce in the last 25 years and how this correlates with the baby boomer generation. The oldest age group in the workforce, which is comprised of workers aged 65 and older, is expected to grow the quickest through 2024. Other changes to the workforce include the rise of working women, racially-diverse workers, and older workers filing claims against their employers.

Strategies to Counter Dated Assumptions About Age

The age discrimination report provided many statistics and facts about the state of age discrimination today. It also included ways to address age discrimination. It starts with changing assumptions about age. Leaders and top officials can employ the following to create a culture in the workplace that embraces age diversity:

  • Change terminology from older to experienced workers
  • Focus on capabilities and reject stereotypes
  • Increase the age range
  • Support mixed-age and reverse-age mentoring
  • Use diverse age marketing materials for recruitment and exclude age and graduation dates on applications
  • Include age in company diversity and inclusion strategies

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