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Sexual Harassment at Cannes Film Festival

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South Jersey sexual harassment lawyers fight for victims in the workplace.The Cannes Film Festival is the most well-known and prestigious film festival in the world, attracting thousands of industry executives, actors, and journalists. Held each year in the French Riviera, it draws in celebrities, members of the film industry, and others. Although it is an industry-sanctioned event, cases of sexual harassment and abuse at Cannes have been reported by festival attendees. Incidences of abuse that took place at the festival itself are only part of the story.

One journalist emphasized the importance of being vigilant while out in Cannes after dark, since she has had strangers approach her. An actor and activist also felt vulnerable at times, so she played it safe by dressing more conservatively and abstaining from drinking. Women and Hollywood’s Melissa Silverstein feels that women are perceived as second-class citizens at the festival, and this leads to sexual harassment.

A Harassment Hotline

At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, several steps were taken to acknowledge sexual misconduct in the film industry. There was a demonstration led by over 80 industry women, later followed by a presentation from #MeToo, Time’s Up, and 5050×2020 representatives. The Cannes Jury President, Cate Blanchett, then made a speech about gender equality.

Before the festival started, a sexual harassment hotline was planned out by festival organizers and the French government. The announcement was made by Cannes Film Festival’s general delegate, who explained that the hotline was for people who had experienced or witnessed inappropriate behavior in Cannes and at the festival. The CEO of Women in Film TV feels that the hotline is a great way to show that the Cannes film festival will not put up with predatory behavior.

How the Hotline Worked

One of the calls to the hotline was from a writer-director who claimed that her chauffeur drove her away against her will, then tried to molest her. The hotline operator had someone sent to meet her immediately, who then accompanied her to the police. The chauffeur was fired. At this point, there are no definitive reports as to how successful the hotline was overall, but if it helped even one person, that is a step in the right direction. This past year has shone the spotlight on abuse of power in the film industry and made the #MeToo movement stronger as more women and men found courage to speak out.

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