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Bill Approved Banning Non-Disclosure Agreements from Work Contracts

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Bill Approved Banning Non-Disclosure Agreements from Work ContractsThe New Jersey State Senate voted unanimously on a bill designed to prohibit non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) from work contracts. On Thursday, the official bill, S121, was approved by a 34-0 vote. The proposed legislation states that NDAs used by employers in employment contracts would be prohibited. This includes settlement agreements that stem from legal claims made by employees and former employees against employers involving discrimination, retaliation, and harassment matters. The bill also invalidates current NDAs found in work contracts. Proponents of the bill believe that employers may use NDAs in order to silence plaintiffs during litigation.

When employees face discrimination or harassment in the workplace, they may feel that they cannot discuss incidents that may support their claims against their employers due to signing NDAs in their work contracts. The approved bill, which was prompted by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, would encourage victims of toxic workplace behavior to speak up and not fear any legal repercussions. No employee should be silenced when unlawful actions are committed against them in a work environment.

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