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Actor Starts Sexual Harassment Video Campaign

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Cherry Hill sexual harassment lawyers advocate for victims of workplace harassment and applauds an actor who started a video campaign against sexual harassment.Actor David Schwimmer has launched a video series called That’s Harassment where he serves as executive producer. The actor has long been involved in advocacy for rape victims and has served on the board of The Rape Foundation for more than 15 years. It was the knowledge of the sexual harassment that his mother and sister endured that proved the impetus for the project. Schwimmer is also the father of a 6-year old daughter and does not want her to experience the same trauma.

That’s Harassment

Along with his friend Sigal Avin, an Israeli writer and director who oversaw an anti-harassment campaign in her native land, Schwimmer made a series of six short videos outlining what constitutes harassment. The series intends to clarify what sort of behaviors are harassment to help victims and involve employers to stop it. The videos are entitled:

  • The Politician; the propositioning of an aide
  • The Doctor; the groping of a patient during an examination
  • The Actor; exposing himself to a stylist
  • The Coworker; a bartender’s inappropriate training of a new hire
  • The Photographer; a model forced to perform a sex act in front of a crew
  • The Boss; starring Schwimmer, he plays a married man that grabs and kisses a new hire

The films were created before the Harvey Weinstein scandal was revealed. While the videos first appeared online last April, the widening sexual harassment scandals featuring top names in the entertainment, political, and media worlds made Schwimmer decide to relaunch them with a bigger campaign. Certain videos do not portray blatant forms of harassment, which most workers would recognize. Instead, they concentrate on more subtle types of harassment, or the beginning of such behaviors, which fall into a gray area and are unacceptable. The videos are airing on various platforms that include Hulu, Amazon, and CBS.

Changing the Work Environment

Through the videos, Schwimmer wants to help change the work environment, something he says men need to step up and do, since males make up the overwhelming majority of harassers. They are working with the National Women’s Law Center to provide an employer toolkit. Employers can use the videos as part of employee sexual harassment training. Schwimmer says that if every employer understands how to prevent sexual harassment, his daughter’s generation will not have to go through what has been rampant for previous generations of women. The videos also include a call to action with the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) hotline number.

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