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Rutgers University Shines Light on Sexual Harassment

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South Jersey Sexual Harassment Lawyers report on Rurgers University sexual harassment workshops. Sexual harassment dominates the news today as we have seen major figures in the world of entertainment, media, and politics held accountable for long-time actions. Some of these allegations involve sexual harassment, while others seem less definite. Rutgers University is conducting a series of workshops focusing on the topic. The workshops are sponsored by the Rutgers School of Management and Public Relations, and conducted by Debbie Hines, a human resource management corporate consultant, and James Cooney, a Rutgers professor. The workshops take place in New Brunswick at the Labor Education Center.

The first workshop, Countering and Preventing Sexual Harassment, dealt with what to do if you find yourself a victim of sexual harassment, including how to recognize sexual harassment and how to access available resources for help. The workshop also dealt with what should be done if you discover a co-worker is a sexual harassment victim. The second workshop, Investigating Sexual Harassment, will discuss when sexual harassment complaints can become criminal charges, and the complexity of sexual harassment investigations. The second workshop is scheduled for late January of 2018.

The Human Resources Dilemma

A common issue in many sexual harassment complaints involves the human resources (HR) department. Employees know that they should take their sexual harassment complaints to HR, but may fail to do so for legitimate reasons. If a higher figure involved in sexual harassment is friendly with the head of the HR department, employees may feel nothing will happen if they complain. In fact, some feel they could end up having to deal with retaliation or fallout from the complaint. This tends to be especially true in smaller companies, where executives know each other.

Sexual harassment has been ongoing for decades, but the Me Too movement, and the number of prominent men who have lost their positions because of sexual harassment allegations, has given the issue particular prominence. In addition to raising awareness and providing information to attendees, the workshops aim to offer support to sexual harassment victims. Only good can come from this new level of attention and awareness to an age-old problem.

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