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Issues Faced by Bisexual Employees in the Workplace

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For bisexual employees, the hardships of coming out in the workplace are intensified by having to come out two or even three times. As the nature of their relationships change, bisexual employees are often forced to explain their orientation to coworkers more than once when their relationship changes from a same-sex relationship to one that is heterosexual.

According to a survey by a LGBT organization, bisexual women are eight times less likely to be open with colleagues than their lesbian counterparts and seven times less likely to be open with their manager. Bisexual men are 10 times less likely to be open about their sexual orientation with colleagues than gay men and six times less likely to be open with their manager.

Some bisexual associates do not feel they have the option to come out, as they fear they will face ridicule or be ostracized by coworkers. Many also worry that their sexual orientation could ultimately cause them to be passed over for a promotion or their dream job.

Some employees leave their workplaces because they do not feel welcomed. Statistics show that nearly one in ten LGBT employees have left their job because the work environment was unwelcoming. Some bisexual associates report feeling isolated by heterosexual coworkers.

Laws to Protect LGBT Workers

While there are currently no federal laws that specifically address discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, recent court decisions have held that this type of discrimination is a form of sex discrimination. As such, members of the LGBT community do have legal recourse if they encounter workplace discrimination, harassment, or retaliation.

Although the laws have been slow to evolve, LGBT workers who have suffered discrimination on the job have made enormous strides to improve working conditions for themselves and others. Despite the disheartening number of LGBT discrimination cases being brought before the courts, every successful ruling is a step in the right direction, as it not only spreads awareness of LGBT employment issues, but shows that LGBT employees are entitled to the same rights as any other American worker. LGBT workers who face discrimination at work should not be afraid to speak out about it.

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