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South Jersey Whistleblower Lawyers: Whistleblower Suit in North Brunswick Settled

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The township of North Brunswick has agreed to pay $250,000 to settle a whistleblower lawsuit filed by one of its workers. The plaintiff was former public works supervisor who claimed he had been demoted after he filed a complaint about municipal staff. Court documents allege the reassignment was in retaliation for disciplining a subordinate employee with relations to the mayor. The lawsuit had been filed three years ago with the Middlesex County Superior Court. The case was resolved in February, just days into the trial, and was later approved by the council of North Brunswick.

The claimant stated that he had been transferred to a different department after he reported an employee for wrongdoing. He added that the employee had vandalized his vehicle’s pedals with Armor All (which made the tires slippery), and had argued for a suspension. Part of the suit involves the accusation that the township itself did not take action following a number of the claimant’s complaints regarding its employees. These accusations included employees selling scrap belonging to the township and keeping the profits, taking tires and other auto parts, sleeping on the job, working on their own personal vehicles while clocked in for work, and even receiving pay without coming into work at all.

The victim felt that his complaints were not taken seriously, and that the system was flawed for allowing its employees to behave however they wanted. He also alleged that he was sent to his new position in a basement office and, additionally, denied a significant amount of overtime back pay as a direct result of his voicing his concerns and following policy. While the matter was settled monetarily, the settlement is not an admission of fault for either party, and the claimant is still employed by the township. The resolution for the settlement was reached unanimously by the council for North Brunswick, with one councilman absent.

Whistleblower protections are a crucial part of the justice system. They allow citizens to raise concerns about employers, whether it is a government or privately held entity. Without them, employers would be free to retaliate against workers for acting against their own best interests, even if the employee has the best interests of the public or even the company in mind. Whistleblower protections help prevent corruption, abuse, and retaliation against honest, hard-working people who want to improve their community and place of employment.

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