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South Jersey Employment Lawyers: Nurse Wrongfully Terminated After Accusing Hospital of Mishandling MRSA in Infants

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A nurse from South Jersey has filed a lawsuit alleging that she was wrongfully terminated after she reported her hospital’s mishandling of a staph infection outbreak. South Jersey employment lawyers report that the outbreak, which the suit links to the passing of one infant, was allegedly due to improper cleaning of medical supplies.

After the outbreak, the State found numerous factors that they labelled as being “infection control deficiencies.” These factors—about which the plaintiff had warned staff—may be to blame for the outbreak.

Retaliation for reporting a company’s fraudulent activity or misuse of funds can often come in the form of less pay, reduced hours and responsibilities, and even wrongful termination. When an employee has been retaliated against or wrongfully terminated, they should seek the counsel of an employment lawyer.

The South Jersey employment lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C. are skilled litigators for wrongfully terminated employees. Our legal team will fight for your reinstatement, as well as back pay and compensation for your damages. Contact us online or call our offices at 866-569-8744 to learn how we can advocate for you.

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