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South Jersey Employment Lawyers: Firefighter’s Sexual Bias Suit

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Rockaway Township and the Hibernia Fire Company 1 in New Jersey recently agreed to pay $100,000 to a former female fire lieutenant to settle a sexual bias lawsuit claiming she had to endure a hostile work environment and harassment because of her gender. In the suit, the former firefighter claims that she was dismissed from her job after returning to work following medical leave taken to address a work injury. She claims that after four months of physical therapy, she had surgery and was required to return to her position in one month after she was put on probationary status due to absences. She was then terminated without further notice.

sexual biasThe suit also alleged that male administrators at the fire company delayed an investigation prompted by the claimant that a male running for the position of rescue captain did not meet the eligibility requirements for the position. In the suit, she claims that the investigation was purposely delayed so that the requirements for the position could be filled by the male applicant, who subsequently went on to win the election. The suit also cited the fire company for a hostile work environment because of derogatory language directed toward females and for unfair disciplinary actions cited against her that other male firefighters were not held accountable.

The case is considered a confidential matter, but because the public has the right to review cases that involve government agencies, access to the records were obtained online. The claimant and all parties involved in the settlement are bound by confidentiality laws and are not allowed to discuss the case. According to the settlement posted online, the claimant agreed to dismiss the case under pretenses that the settlement was not an admission of guilt by the defendants. The $100,000 settlement is to be split evenly between the claimant and her attorneys.

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If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual bias or discrimination in the workplace due to your race, age, religion, gender or gender identification, the experienced team of South Jersey employment lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates can help you claim justice. Our firm has been advocating for victims of workplace discrimination for over 30 years and is committed to protecting the rights of American workers.

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