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Proposed Amendments to the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination

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The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) is poised for an update thanks to amendments proposed by the state governor. If enacted, the amendments will help companies and employees better tighten loopholes and gaps in the prevention, reporting, and disciplinary measures for employment discrimination.

Some victims who experience discrimination may be confused about how to protect their rights, while others are cautious about talking about their experiences for fear of retaliation. Major areas highlighted by the recommended amendments include how courts can determine if an office is a hostile work environment and considerations related to written documents regarding job discrimination.

What is a Hostile Work Environment Under the New Amendments?

As NJLAD stands, businesses and legal authorities may have difficulty figuring out if a work environment may be hostile based on worker accusations. The amendments by the governor provide clear guidelines to encourage definitive conclusions. For instance, the amendments suggest that hostile work environments may be present based on either singular or multiple events.

The amendments also clarify that discrimination need not be limited to physical unwanted advancements. Any type of threatening, offensive, or abusive language, written correspondence, or behavior may fall under the umbrella of discriminatory behavior. Additionally, the victim does not need to prove retaliation or show a decline in effectiveness to establish hostility and discrimination.

How Do the Amendments Shape Discrimination Training and Reporting

The new amendments pay special attention to employee and supervisor education. Businesses have 12 months to revise their standing discrimination policies or create them for the first time. After the amendment has been in place for a year, companies without policies in place risk violating the NJLAD. Companies must provide an outline for workers describing how they should report acts of harassment and discrimination.

Mandatory harassment and discrimination training for all personnel must involve a review of the corporate policy in line with the NJLAD. Companies would need to add special training for managers and supervisors, as well as provide all materials and education in employees’ preferred languages. The goal of the new amendments is for individuals to feel less hesitant to speak up when they see or experience harassment on the job, leading to less hostile and more professional working environments for all.

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