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Vaping Company Under Sexual Harassment Allegations

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The vaping company JUUL has made headlines frequently the past year for its association with customer respiratory illnesses, including vaping-linked deaths. JUUL is now in the spotlight for sexual harassment complaints from one of its former female employees. The allegations have information that spans over the course of two years, including an incidence where a team member claimed she was physically touched, held against her will, and faced retaliation. This is not the first allegation of retaliation against JUUL; a separate lawsuit indicated that a former worker alleged he was retaliated against when he tried to prevent the company from sending contaminated products to suppliers.

Specifics in the Sexual Harassment JUUL Case

This case against JUUL began in 2017, when a female worker was assigned to a mid-level management position and became an alleged target of three male co-workers. The plaintiff claimed that each of the male colleagues engaged in sexual misconduct that she claimed was unwanted and uncomfortable. Her allegations include mentions of inappropriate touching, kissing, and fondling.

The former JUUL worker stated that she felt retaliation after she disclosed the illegal conduct to upper management. Executives encouraged her not to say anything more about the sexual harassment. As a result, she claimed that the executive team then spread sexual rumors about her, namely stating that she was sexually involved with a JUUL vendor.

According to court documents, the plaintiff says higher-ups furthered their retaliation by falsely accusing the employee of stealing and distributing JUUL documents. It was the latter charge which led to her being fired in late 2018. At her termination meeting, the former employee alleged she was held in a room with two executives and told she could not leave. When she tried to walk out of the room, her colleagues stopped her, causing her to be held against her will. Her lawsuit demands compensation for back pay, lost wages, and related damages.

Importance of Reporting Sexual Harassment Claims Correctly

 Victims of sexual harassment in the workplace can face difficulties in proving that illegal and unethical treatment occurred from coworkers, vendors, or customers. The JUUL case highlights a few ways that employees can protect themselves if they become victimized, such as reporting any incidents to supervisors or human resources. However, this does not always stop the problem, as alleged in the JUUL suit.

Workers being sexually harassed should obtain as much documentation as possible within the limits of the law to support a potential claim against the employer and the alleged perpetrator. Documentation, such as emails, witness statements, and detailed journals can help sexual harassment lawyers construct a case. Relying on hearsay information can impede the process of proving sexual harassment. Movements, such as the #MeToo movement, are currently inspiring the need for the courts and juries to be genuinely open to hearing the victim’s perspective.

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