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Serena Williams Fined at U.S. Open

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South Jersey gender discrimination lawyers report on why Ms. Williams was fined at the US open.At the women’s singles championship match at this year’s U.S. Open, Serena Williams, a tennis phenom of nearly 20 years, faced a new and talented challenger, Naomi Osaka. Serena, returning to the competitive sport within a year of giving birth, was issued a warning when her coach signaled her from the stands. She claimed not to have seen it, saying she would rather lose than cheat. Things escalated when she broke a racket, was penalized a point, and then told the umpire he was being unfair, stole a point from her, and was a thief. She was then penalized a game and ultimately lost the match.

At the award ceremony, fans booed their disgust at the umpire’s call. However, Osaka thought they were booing her. Williams stepped up to ask the crowd not to boo her opponent and explained to Osaka that they were not booing at her. Neither athlete could feel good about their achievement.

Gender Inequality

Serena claimed that if she were a man, the incident would never have happened and that she was sick of the double standard. There is frustration that comes with being expected to be better to be considered equal. That expectation and double standard can wear a person down.

Gender inequality means receiving unequal treatment based solely on gender. In the workplace, it often appears when hiring decisions are based on an employee’s gender. This disparity manifests far reaching negative consequences that go beyond the walls of the workplace and into every aspect of a person’s life.

Damage Done in the Workplace

In the workplace, gender inequality can affect the economic performance of the organization. If the most talented people are not advanced appropriately, then they are likely to lose motivation to do good work or will leave their position, with the organization losing that productivity and talent. Unequal treatment may be viewed as a signal to act out, potentially exposing the disfavored gender to an increased risk of sexual harassment and discrimination by co-workers. Also, public allegations of unfair treatment can damage an organization’s reputation.

Gender inequality and sexual harassment can manifest a series of harmful effects. Mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, can arise.  Unfair treatment can also result in stress and a resulting increase in physical illnesses. When we do not let excellence happen by allowing inequality to go unchecked in professional, cultural, and social situations, we all lose.

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