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Attorney General Supports End of Mandatory Workplace Arbitration

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Attorney General Supports End of Mandatory Workplace ArbitrationThe New Jersey Attorney General, Gurbir Grewal, showed his support in ending mandatory workplace arbitration in cases of sexual harassment by joining a group battling against it. Over 50 attorneys general across the country comprise the group that is urging Congress to prohibit mandatory workplace arbitration for sexual harassment claims by employees. A letter signed by the group’s members was sent to Congress for their review, stating that the current stipulations established by businesses of hearing cases of sexual harassment hurts victims by taking away their rights to be heard by a qualified judge. The letter also covers the confidentiality requirement, which they believe inhibits future victims from filing their own complaints by withholding sexual harassment case information from other workers.

Supporters of the ban on mandatory workplace arbitration believe that when it comes to sexual harassment cases that employers may not have the experience or training to judge the claims. For many years, sexual harassment victims may have felt that they could not properly gain resolution in filing complaints in the workplace. The group of attorneys general are hoping by urging Congress to ban the workplace arbitration requirement by businesses that victims gain a fairer resolution when reporting sexual harassment.

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