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Cherry Hill Sexual Harassment Lawyers: Musician Eddie Money Lawsuit

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Well-known Classic Rock musician Eddie Money is facing sexual harassment claims as part of a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by his former drummer. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges that Money fired him because of his age and physical issues related to cancer. In a recently filed amendment to the original lawsuit, the drummer also claims that Money repeatedly sexually harassed his fiancée who is also named as a plaintiff.

The drummer began working for Eddie Money more than 40 years ago until his termination last year. He claims that Money humiliated him during public performances, teasing him about the embarrassing side effects he experienced after undergoing chemotherapy. Months after filing the initial wrongful termination suit, the drummer and his fiancée added sexual harassment claims.

eddie money drummer, Cherry Hill sexual harassmentThe drummer’s fiancée alleges that Money made repeated sexual advances toward her over the course of several years and physically dragged her to a bathroom against her will on one occasion. Money and his attorneys deny all claims and say the drummer and his fiancée are solely trying to win compensation. The most recent complaint alleges 22 separate causes of action. The case is now pending in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Eddie Money is an accomplished musician with a lengthy career including several Top 10 hits. He is also an employer required to provide a workplace free of harassment and retaliation. If Money punished his former drummer because of the man’s physical disabilities or unrequited sexual advances towards his fiancée, he could be held liable for wrongful termination in a court of law.

Whether you work in the concert arena or a small office in your hometown, you have the right to a harassment-free workplace. Sexual harassment at work is prohibited on the state and national levels and that includes any sexual comments, propositions, or unwanted contact.

When such behavior interferes with a person’s ability to do their job, and an employer does nothing to stop it, that employee can pursue a hostile work environment sexual harassment complaint. An employee can also file a complaint when a supervisor implies that benefits like promotions or pay increases are contingent upon sexual favors.

Cherry Hill Sexual Harassment Lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C. Hold Employers Accountable for Misconduct  

As an employee, you may feel powerless when an employer terminates you unfairly. Your job performance should be the only factor determining your job success. If you feel your employment status has been affected because of your age, race, gender, or sexual identity, you need to know you have rights. South Jersey sexual harassment lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C have been fighting employment discrimination for more than 30 years and will advocate for you in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. Call our Philadelphia offices at 215-569-1999 for a free consultation or contact us online.

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